An invitation to field-test a groundbreaking new product.

Your air and water barrier has always had a weak point.

Now it’s the strongest.

Sustant, innovators of the SIP-SEAL line of adhesives and barriers for the SIPS panel industry, is developing an innovative new line of air and water barrier products.

The SealSkin DOT,™ an easy-to-apply patch™, allows builders to seal the punctures made by fasteners on any building–for good.

No more trowels. No more goop. No more cleanup. No more cutting tape.

The DOT delivers predictable and convenient air- and water-tight sealing of exposed fasteners, saving time and cutting costs. 

We are excited to be in the final phases of testing the DOT and are inviting you and a select few other experts in the field to give it a try, for free: